Location: Cijonų kaimas, Ignalinos rajonas, Linkmenų seniūnija.    Phone: 8670 72989, 8698 18583

Christmas Nativity Scene

A group photo taken of you with the owl and the chicken will set you in the mood for fun. While waiting for the Santa we will bake eggs and have tea and see different breeds of poultry. You will have a chance to hold an ostrich egg, which weighs almost 2 kg.

A big bearded Santa will be looking forward to your songs and poems, you will be given presents and take part in different games and activities, which we will keep a secret till your arrival.

We will visit the live Nativity Scene with the donkey Zoro, which, as the legend has it, kept the December-born baby Jesus warm with its breath. There will be doves bringing myrrh twigs and a decorated sacred display to visit.

Duration: 2 hours. Price: 7 EUR.