Location: Cijonų kaimas, Ignalinos rajonas, Linkmenų seniūnija.    Phone: 8670 72989, 8698 18583


After greeting the owl we will start making breakfast. In a giant pan over the fire, we will cook our tradition dish Piratakis. Over a cup of tea with biscuits we will colour the Easter eggs using different techniques: wax, herbs, carving. You will learn about regional Easter traditions, egg colouring methods.

When choosing the egg colour remember that there is a different message behind every colour: red stands for life and health; blue for sky and rain, indispensable to keep the nature alive; green symbolises grass, crops and other plants whereas violet represents riches.

These are the traditional Lithuanian colours that our ancestors tried to produce using organic and natural dyes. For example green was retrieved from long-soaked birch brooms, other colours came from plants and sometimes from nails and oxidized scrap. Ways to produce natural dyes are interesting and worth to remember. So are the meanings behind the wax patterns on the eggs.

By the time you visit the farm and the birds, the eggs you have coloured will be dry and ready to be taken home.

Duration: 2 hours. Price per person: 7 EUR.