Location: Cijonų kaimas, Ignalinos rajonas, Linkmenų seniūnija.    Phone: 8670 72989, 8698 18583

Educational and learning programmes

Educational and learning programmes

Upon your arrival you will meet a huge owl and play the role of merry chicken. We will head to the bonfire where in a huge pan we will prepare our traditional delicious omelette made from poultry eggs.
We will tell you all about the birds and play a quiz, where the prize for getting the questions right is a lucky quill.
Then we will have some natural tea made of 14 herbs accompanied by biscuits.
All the visitors will be invited to write down their dreams and wishes with a goose quill, the same way ancient thinkers did.

Crossing a swamp, we will reach the place where an amazingly beautiful bird comes at night and make a wish. In the biggest nest accommodating up to 50 people we will tell you the legend of the ugly bird called Skukas. You will learn what bird is the fastest and the smallest in the world. And more. For example, what bird flies around the globe in a year. Finally you will be given a tour around the farm with more than 200 species of birds. You will find out all about them.

You will meet the brightly coloured pheasants, the largest rooster of the farm, beautiful peacocks, ostriches, the largest birds in the world, and their chicks.

Educational programmes teach children and adults about bird eggs and show their differences, e.g. visitors get to see the eggs of the biggest and the smallest bird in the world.

You will be surrounded by flocks of different chicken breeds and beautiful doves flying free. Other animals that will greet you are the little donkey Zoro, the star of the nativity scene, goats and lambs, fluffy rabbits.

Programme price per person: 7 EUR. Duration: 2 hours

When the programme is finished you can have lunch at the restaurant. Our specialty is roasted quail with garnish and a drunk chicken cocktail. To children we offer turkey roasts and smoothies.
Duration of the programme with lunch: 3 hours. Price per person: 14 EUR..